Basic principles for a great diet

The body tries to keep warm in winter and is pushing us to eat more (especially carbohydrates) to store some fat that can create “an insulating layer against the cold.”
The body tries to cool in summer and over the cold vegetable soup version of his very helpful regulate hunger and provide the body with what it needs.

Vegetable soup version I give you today is also suitable for those who do not like to eat vegetables and children known as “problematic” issue.

Vegetables are very low in calories and on the other hand are full of nutrients that the body must in order to function.

For those who still do not face this important point: vegetables are the main food for humans. Vegetables and lean body all go hand in hand. Vegetables have little natural sugar which is basically a complex carbohydrate which is good for us, they have vitamins, minerals, protein and some fiber. Fiber is great for hemorrhoids, and can help the situation get better.

Although I really like vegetables, I was sometimes difficult to implement the recommendation to eat between 1-2 pounds of vegetables each day. In order not to get involved with the weighing of vegetables to see if I get to 1-2 pounds a day, I thought about one cup (cup size) and I got 200 grams of vegetables.

Practice to get it out the recommended amount 5-10 cups of vegetables such.
Since most vegetables contain between 15-30 calories per 100 grams, took an average of 23 calories.
2 pounds of vegetables a day will give us a total of 450 calories.
This is the best diet food that exists in nature and on the other the food has the most essential components of the body.

5 cups of chopped vegetables out of a giant soup. In practice we have 10 cups of soup a day. This soup can be eaten without restriction. You can take a thermos to work, eat in the evening when you’re hungry, as a great snack and every occasion. 2 pounds of vegetables also have about 20 grams of vegetable protein and if we add 2-3 additional protein dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we got down to the desired protein quota body.

In practice, the vegetable soup is the basis for our daily and eat it as much as possible.
At breakfast, lunch and dinner we eat to protein as an egg, cheese, yogurt, chicken, turkey, beef, fish or tuna. To add them as tiny oil 2 tablespoons tahini, half an avocado, 6 olives and a few vegetables.
Two snack will be fruit.

And that was the end all the pain head what to eat to lose weight.

I make several types of creamed soup once – twice a week and put in the fridge.

Whenever I was hungry, I heat my dose of soup or take a thermos when I leave the house.
It solved my almost all the headaches and preoccupation with food and of course the “concerns” if I ate enough vegetables or not that day. I do not deal much in the head with calculations and unnecessary thoughts about food.

The really amazing thing is that I’m just not hungry !!!
I have no words how to describe to you this wonderful feeling of “not hungry” and not deal with thoughts about food all the time. Every two – three I drink a cup of creamy vegetable soup, and I’m just not hungry and have a “quiet” at the top.
What’s good creamy vegetable soup is not seen nearly the vegetables in the soup and my daughters now ready to eat soup. Such a way that their body gets the nutrients of the vegetables as before, “vegetables” was a bad word and punishment for them.

I’ll give you some simple recipe that takes minutes to prepare it:

What vegetables are allowed to use?
In principle allowed to use all the vegetables except potatoes and sweet potatoes. The soup can be done with a combination of some vegetables or just one IRC. Vegetables of the best I’ve found are: tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, cabbage, onion, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, green peas, asparagus, squash, spinach, carrots and all gearing between them and separately with: garlic, parsley, dill and herbs .

First step – cut the vegetables into cubes, put in a pot and cover with water the vegetables. Cook the vegetables for a few minutes until they are slightly soft. Not to overcook the vegetables and kill them by prolonged cooking. A few minutes is usually all that is needed.
Second step – put the vegetables in a blender and crush them to a uniform texture.

Step three – to return to the pot, add boiling water and cook for a few minutes more with spices. You can spice up the soup with a spoon chicken soup without monosodium glutamate, parsley, dill or any other seasoning that does not contain sugar.
Transfer jars and put in the fridge. Add yogurt soup texture creates a truly “creamy”.

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