What gluten-free diet?

Today common gluten-free diet. Everyone talks about making gluten damages the body. But what it does gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in grains of wheat, barley, rye, spelled and oats which it is found to cover so there is that does not include the Vortex Fox gluten-free diet. Wheat is the highest number of all grains.

The sensitivity is actually caused by gluten ingredients.

Why all of a sudden everyone is talking against gluten?

In the past, when you were making bread would have been used in all parts of the wheat kernel. Grind the same mill, preparing her bread from flour and bread.

Today, grind the grains and bran removed from the part where all the vitamins and minerals and all the good wheat. And leave only the nucleus containing gluten. Additionally add gluten pastries.

And why?

Gluten is just that (comes from the word Glo- English – adhesive). Infects everything. He gives dough stability and its airiness. The more gluten bread or cake that will be more airy and have a larger volume.

And what does the gluten in our body?

Gluten sticks to the walls of the digestive tract, especially the small intestine. And slowly causes instead inflammatory destruction of the walls over time and makes you inserted. It means that such materials would be only in the digestive tract into the blood suddenly come from there to anywhere in the body and vitamins and minerals that were supposed to pass from the gut into the bloodstream and reach her place in the body is absorbed in and out with the digestive system.

The final situation irreversible and this brings the celiac department. Which can not be cured and a must stop eating foods that contain gluten.

But today more and more recognize that for some of the population before celiac disease breaks out all kinds of processes occur in the body that can cause celiac eventually. This is a sensitivity to gluten.

Hospitals today are beginning to slowly accept that there are people who are sensitive to gluten, but did not develop celiac disease yet. That testing for the disease is not disclosed, but if they stop eating gluten, it would relieve them and can heal disease and various phenomena that do not always connect them directly to gluten.

Examples of these phenomena are: iron deficiency anemia who can not take care of her, abdominal pain, bowel sensitive / irritable, eczema and various rashes on the skin, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, depression, thyroid problems, diabetes, osteoporosis, and attention deficit disorder and autism.

What to do?

First of all do a simple blood test that can tell us whether we are affected by CD. If the test came out positive, all that remains is to remove gluten from daily.

If you have a negative answer still is suspected sensitivity to gluten gluten removed daily from about three months and then slowly bring him back. First the grain with the least amount gluten (oats, rye) and only then the wheat and barley. Then check how it feels. If the symptoms were repeated again remove the gluten from the menu.

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